Congratulations BBC 500 Words Story Writers

BBC Radio2 Chris Evans 500 Words Short Stories #stories #children #500WordsMany congratulations to absolutely everyone who submitted a story to the BBC 500 Words competition this year.

A record 120,421 entries were received,which means, all together, over 60 million words!

Every story is special and so it must have been a very hard job to narrow them down to a short list, and then for the Judging Panel to decide on the three winners in each of the two categories (ages five to nine and ages ten to thirteen).

If you CLICK HERE you can read the top stories in each category.

Now, Litrasaurus values each and every story that you write, so whatever you have written, be it for the BBC 500 Words competition, or any other reason, even if it was for school, he thinks it would be wonderful if you would share it, firstly to showcase what you have done, and secondly to inspire others.

If you have a story that you would like to share Litrasaurus would love to publish it online for you for free just
CLICK HERE to share your story

Sharing stories is incredibly important, not just for the ideas and adventures, but also so that all of us, not just children, may not feel alone and may understand that others are not always happy or perfect and that others too, in their real or imaginary worlds, have troubles, or have been bullied, or are unlucky in other ways. Cruelty and kindness, hardship and fortune, happiness and sorrow all play a role in our lives and stories help us understand that. Stories can also help individuals look at relationships and how they work, or do not, and sometimes give insight into how that might have come about, or indeed be improved. Ideas and visions are also inspired by sharing stories.

BBC 500 Words Winners 2015 #stories #500words #children

BBC 500 Words Winners 2015

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