December Poem – an extract from “Marmion” by Sir Walter Scott

"In the Golden Gloaming" (1883) by s) by John Atkinson Grimshaw



When dark December glooms the day,
And takes our autumn joys away;
When short and scant the sunbeam throws,
Upon the weary waste of snows,
A cold and profitless regard,
Like patron on a needy bard,
When silvan occupation’s done.




An extract from “Marmion – A Tale of Flodden Field” by Sir Walter Scott
The first lines of ‘Introduction to Canto Fifth’ dedicated to George Ellis, Esq.
[Edinburgh 1806-1808]

You can read the entire poem here:
And find out more about this great work here:

The wonderful image is “In the Golden Gloaming” (1883) by John Atkinson Grimshaw

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