Flora & Her Garden

Flora is a very special Princess who has been rescued and brought to the land of Perpetua to keep her safe.

Once there she built this wonderful garden full of plants and herbs, many of which could be used as medicine.

The Doves & Pigeons used to carry secret messages for her so that she could keep in touch with her family and friends even though she was safely hidden away.

Read more about Flora CLICK HERE and her Garden CLICK HERE

You can find out much more about the wonderful land of Perpetua with all of its characters and places by clicking on this link: http://www.litrasaurus.com/perpetua

If you like any of them why don’t you write a story about them, sharing all the other things that you think might happen in the land of Perpetua. You can submit your story here: http://www.litrasaurus.com/stories/write


Flora & Her Garden

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