We Love Local Bookshops

KewBookshopLitrasaurus & LitraQuest just love local bookshops !

Local bookshops, particularly the small independent ones, are an essential part of the reading experience for us all, particularly children.  Just like libraries, they are a wonderland for exploration that can captivate the young mind.

The experience of a delightful bookshop early in life puts down foundations in terms of the joy of the written word that can inspire a lifetime of reading pleasure.  Entering that enchanting cave (the children’s area of all good local bookshops are basically grottos of delight for children) seeing all the colours and words jumbled up on the cliffs of shelves all around (they do seem very high to a small person), smelling the unmistakeable fragrance of paper and print, and feeling that sense of anticipation wondering what you will find, just cannot compare to swiping through the pages of Amazon.

BookShopShelvesWe are very lucky in that we have an outstanding local independent bookshop near us – The Kew Bookshop (actually it is one of three small local bookshops, the others being in Barnes and Sheen) – one of a sadly dwindling number of small independent book sellers in the UK .

It was even Yale Books ‘Bookshop of the Month’ in June of last year (CLICK HERE to see all about that including details of how to find The Kew Bookshop).

STOP PRESS for anyone in or around Richmond a new children’s bookshop is opening soon !  The Alligator’s Mouth follows on from the Lion & Unicorn children’s bookshop which sadly closed over a year ago now.  I am sure any parent (or grandparent, or godparent, or friend, or aunt/uncle, etc.) in the area will remember with great affection the Lion & Unicorn and be looking forward to this new venture.  We will keep you posted as we find out more.

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