May Books

Queen Guinevre’s Maying by John Collier [1900]

THERE is May in books forever;
May will part from Spenser never;
May’s in Milton, May’s in Prior,
May’s in Chaucer, Thomson, Dyer;
May’s in all the Italian books:–
She has old and modern nooks,
Where she sleeps with nymphs and elves,
In happy places they call shelves,
And will rise and dress your rooms
With a drapery thick with blooms.
Come, ye rains, then if ye will,
May’s at home, and with me still;
But come rather, thou, good weather,
And find us in the fields together.

James Leigh Hunt
(1754 – 1859)

This beautiful image is
“Queen Guinevre’s Maying”
by John Collier [1900]

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