Stories Are My Oxygen

Listening to the radio the other morning I suddenly heard the words “Stories are my oxygen” so, of course, I immediately sat up and paid attention!

Now, I am a regular listener to the Chris Evans Breakfast Show and know how committed he is to children’s story writing, but this was “Pause For Thought”.

The lovely voice continued: “Humans without stories are like birds without wings”. I thought, what an amazing evocation of how fundamental stories are to us human beings.

Suddenly this delightful, unexpected, contribution to the show had me absolutely hooked. Remona had reminisced about how stories had enlivened her childhood, before going on to explore how stories are such an integral part of the fabric of all our lives and play a role in almost every aspect. As she, in my view rightly, concludes: “When you take stories away you take away the essence of humanity”.

Do click on the link below and have a listen … I hope you enjoy it as much as I dd.

Radio 2 Pause For Thought





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