Featured Story – “The Underwater City” by Mariana Gordan

This month’s featured story on Litrasaurus, as picked by Arbus Magicus, is “The Underwater City” by Mariana Gordan.


Mariana Gordan is a visual artist, writer and film maker (aka ANAIRAM) who was born in Romania and moved to the United Kingdom in her youth.  Indeed, her life is quite a story in itself – the autobiography of her early years and flight to England “State Property, my cold-war memoir” makes fascinating reading.

This story “The Underwater City” relates to her childhood in Romania and a realisation that imagination can be used to solve any problem.  This inspired her to go on and become an artist.

It is so important that, just like Mariana, young people can find and explore their own imaginations which will help them be inspired in life.  A great way to stimulate imagination and creativity in children is by reading and writing and sharing stories, which is why Litrasaurus was created !


"Underwater Tower" by Viktor Vasnetsov

This amazing picture we picked to illustrate this post is called “Underwater Tower” by the Russian artist Viktor Vasnetsov (1848-1926)


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