Dodo – Ensuring imagination does not become extinct …

DodoFEATUREDThis is Dodo one of the magical characters from the land of Perpetua where Litrasaurus lives.  He has special powers of detection and helps Litrasaurus and his friends by sending messages and clues. His relatives the doves and pigeons carry message for him. I bet you didn’t realise that pigeons and doves are related to the dodo!

But Dodos are extinct … aren’t they ?

DodoOUMNHYes, they are, which is why this one is magical. However, if you want to find out about the dodo the best place to go is the Oxford University Museum of Natural History who have the best collection of dodo related specimens. At the museum you will see unique preserved remains as well as a life size model of what they would probably have looked like – they also have lots of other exhibits including dinosaurs.  Not only is it free entry but also this year it is a finalist in the Arts Fund Museum of the Year competition. So well worth a visit anyway.

Perpetua and its characters, including Dodo and, of course, Litrasaurus himself, were created by Charlotte as an aid to imagination, creativity and story telling. Often when asked to write a story children don’t know where to start, so Perpetua was created to give a context of places and characters to which children can add. We even have a whole list of questions to start them thinking about what they could write about – there are lots of different kinds of help on the site, just click on the image below to see.

LitraQuestSQOne doesn’t have to write about Perpetua or Litrasaurus your stories can be about anything at all, indeed many children don’t need any help; they know exactly what they want to write about.

The whole purpose is to stimulate their own and others’ imagination and creativity by reading, writing and sharing stories.

Now, whilst we say ‘children’ the age range of people submitting stories to Litrasaurus is from eight to eighty! The young at heart have just as much to contribute as children, by writing stories that can inspire as well as, often, help children. So, why don’t you write and share a story …



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