Meet Thesaurus !

ThesaurusWords are the most wonderful things … the stories and books that Litrasaurus loves so much are full of them !

Using words you can express your thoughts and ideas, sharing them with others. Using the right words is, though, really important to ensure that other people understand exactly what we mean or want to say.There are so many words and they all mean something different, even if they are nearly the same, and it makes a difference which one you chose … for example sadness or despair. So, sometimes, we have to think really carefully which precise word we want to use.

Also, often, when we are writing stories, or indeed just describing things, we just cannot find the right words. That’s where Thesaurus comes in !

In Perpetua Thesaurus is a magical cloud who, if asked very politely, will find exactly the word that somebody is looking for and spell it out in the sky for them.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all have a magic Thesaurus cloud. Well, actually, we can have the next best thing, which is a book called a thesaurus. In that book you can look up words and see both their synonyms and their antonyms. It may not be as exciting as having a word spelled out by a cloud, but it is just as useful. You can have great fun looking up all the different words you already know and then learn many more. The more words you know the better stories you will be able to write, and, hopefully, share with Litrasaurus and his friends.


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