Find your local library

With tomorrow being National Library Day 2015 here is a link to a web page where you can find your local library – all you need to do is put in your post code and it will tell you where your nearest libraries are.

CLICK HERE to find your local library.

Libraries are great places, all year round not just on National Library Day – there is much more available than just books to read and borrow. ┬áNormally there are a whole range of activities taking place as well as other resources you can take advantage of, including staff to help and guide you. ┬áMake sure you are making the most of yours !

The library in the featured image is in fact a school library. It is the library of the Junior School at The Stephen Perse Foundation in Cambridge. It is a thoroughly modern ‘take’ on what a library should be, specifically an attractive, interesting and inviting space for inspiration, discovery, reflection, and relaxation. CLICK HERE to read and see more about it.

SPF Library


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