Waiting for a bite !

We are fishing, no not phishing, but rather collecting … specifically stories from you !

Having now got the websites and back end up and running Litrasaurus is entering the next phase of its development which is to start collecting and sharing stories. For that we are relying on you, yes YOU !

The whole aim of Litrasaurus is to inspire and develop imagination and creativity in the young (and young at heart) by the reading, writing, and sharing of stories. You can find out more “About Us” here: https://quest.litrasaurus.com/aboutus/

Just one story, your story, could be all it takes to inspire a young person to read more or even start writing their own stories.

Clearly as time goes on it will be mainly children that read and post and share their stories, but right now we are looking not just to children but also to adults to submit stories in order to get the site going.

Indeed our contributors already range from eight to eighty.

We are also looking to have a range of Guest Authors. These are professional authors, or other celebrities, who kindly contribute a story to help us along. We already have a couple of those, one of whom is highly successful thriller writer currently working on the screen play for the first Hollywood production of one of his books!

Your story (or better still stories) don’t have to be written specifically for Litrasaurus you can submit a story that you have already written. If you do, though, write a story especially for Litrasaurus that would be great. Remember you retain the copyright of any story that you submit, all you are doing is giving us permission to share it on our site.

Litrasaurus is a charitable endeavour (indeed we don’t pay anyone, or even expenses, it is all voluntary with any actual costs kindly being funded by the founder herself and supporters) it is entirely non-commercial, so everything is focused entirely on encouraging children to read and write stories.

Most ‘grown-ups’ tell us that they don’t think they can write stories. What sort of an example is that to our children ? How do you think children will be inspired if they see all of us failing to even try to write a story ? How hard can it be ? It doesn’t have to be long, it can be anonymous (or just pick an appropriately oblique username … your very own nom-de-plume) and can be about anything you like … so, go on, have a go !

If you have children (or grandchildren, or nephews and nieces, or Godchildren) then why don’t you encourage them to submit a story to Litrasaurus as well.

You can submit your stories:

Don’t forget, if they, or indeed you, need it there is a lot of Help & Advice on the site here:  http://www.litrasaurus.com/help

Thank you for your support.


John George Brown "Waiting for a Bite, Central Park"

John George Brown “Waiting for a Bite, Central Park”

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