Kindler’s Bonfire of Books

Kindler loved lighting bonfires. It brought back memories of a happy childhood with his family when they would go camping and light a campfire then sing songs and tell stories.

Kindler was a simple soul, so when Extinctus suggested that Kindler help him making bonfires of books Kindler didn’t really think much about it, he was just excited about the idea of lots of bonfires.

But Extinctus had an evil purpose – he wanted to get rid of all books from the land of Perpetua.  This was because books contain knowledge and knowledge, he thought, was the key to power, so he did not want anyone else to have access to knowledge, so that he can control everything in Perpetua with the help of his Androids.

Luckily Litrasaurus also lived in Perpetua so with the help of his many friends he set out to try and stop Extinctus.

Poor Kindler didn’t really understand, he just wanted to please Extinctus.

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Kindler's Bonfire of Books

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