May Poem

Little Girls & Little Lambs

By Kate Greenaway

In the May-time flowers grow;
Little girls in meadows go;
Little lambs frisk with delight,
And in the green grass sleep at night.
Little birds sing all the day,
Oh, in such a happy way!
All the day the sun is bright,
Little stars shine all the night.
The Cowslip says to the Primrose,
“How soft the little Spring wind blows!”
The Daisy and the Buttercup
Sing every time that they look up.
For beneath the sweet blue sky
They see a pretty Butterfly;
The Butterfly, when he looks down,
Says, “What a pretty Flower Town!”


Little Girls & Little Lambs by Kate Greenaway

“May Day”
This wonderful image is also by Kate Greenaway
(17 March 1846 – 6 November 1901)
who was an English children’s book illustrator and writer.

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