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Litrasaurus is delighted to have Guest Authors submitting stories to us.  We were blown away by Frank Cottrell Boyce sharing a story with us, but in every way as special are those other Guest Authors who have taken time to write and share a few stories with us.  For example:



Dean Crawford ( “Didi and the Androids” ) has written some best selling and thrilling books for adults (his own description is “high-concept scientific discoveries and fast-paced action adventure”).  Success in writing rarely comes easy, or fast, and it took Dean 15 years, but now his novels have been Sunday Times paperback best-sellers gaining the interest of major Hollywood production studios.  He took time out from his literary workload (as well learning to fly) to create a story using the characters in Perpetua.




James Radford (“Kiki The Spider’s New Web”) has not yet given up the day job, and, like Dean, is not a children’s author per se (his own description is “post-post-modern 21st century kebab fiction”) yet together with his daughters he created a story to share with Litrasaurus.  Those a little older than his daughters may, whether they are prepared to acknowledge it or not, recognise the musical reference!


You don’t have to be a professional, or even aspiring, author to write and share a story with Litrasaurus.  People ranging from 8 to 80 have written a whole range of stories for us.  We are not judgemental in any way, all that matters to Litrasaurus is that you have a story you want to share.


Above all great big THANK YOU to EVERYBODY who has submitted a story.


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