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LitraQuest supports Litrasaurus a charitable endeavour to inspire imagination and creativity in the young and young at heart, irrespective of age or capability or situation by the reading, writing and sharing of stories and poemsLitrasaurus was conceived as a charitable endeavour to encourage imagination and creativity by the reading, writing and sharing of stories and poems and is aimed at the young and young at heart.  Our main site www.Litrasaurus.com has been carefully constructed to do exactly that.

This site LitraQuest.com is intended for adults (parents, teachers, authors, and others) to stimulate and encourage thoughts around the whole topic of developing children’s imagination and creativity.  So we will be sharing ideas, thoughts, quotes, poems, stories, basically anything relevant.

We want to engage with adults who care about encouraging imagination and creativity in the young and who want to help develop their reading and writing.  You could be a parent, or a teacher, or an author, or just an interested party – whoever you are you are very welcome!

Litrasaurus Quest is basically a blog (with associated social media) enabling comment and discussion on issues around Litrasaurus and our objectives.  We do hope you will contribute as well as give us feedback.

CLICK HERE to go to the latest posts  –  we are also on other social media, eg as @LitraQuest on Twitter.

The first, and really excellent, way you can contribute is, of course, to write a story or poem for Litrasaurus yourself !

Click to submit your story to www.Litrasaurus.com

We have been very careful to build the main Litrasaurus site in a way that protects the young: there is no identification of users; there is no interaction between users (there are plenty of other sites where youngsters, if they want, can interact); there is no advertising; there are no comments allowed or enabled on stories; and, the site is entirely non-judgemental meaning, firstly, that we do not moderate for grammar or spelling we just take the stories exactly as children have written them (we do though, of course, moderate for bad language or inappropriate content) and, secondly, there is no system of rating or ‘likes’ (it is all too easy for something like this to become negatively competitive).  We just want to encourage children, indeed all our users, to feel free to share what they have written without any fear – there is pressure enough already on the young to perform and achieve whereas we want reading and writing stories and poems to be a pleasure.

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